Heavy Metal Levels in Soils Of Automobile Repair Workshops Waste Dumps in Gboko

Aaron Tsambelumun Alaanyi

Department of Integrated Science

College of Education, Katsina-Ala.

Email Address: [email protected]


Levels of heavy metals in soil profiles of automobile repair shops waste dumps in Gboko were studied. Soil samples were collected at depths of 0-15cm (D1), 15-30cm (D2), and 30-60cm (D3) and analysed for Zn, Ni, Cr, Cd, Cu, Pd and Fe using UNICAM 969 atomic absorption spectrometer. Cd, and Pb were not detected in the soil samples. The concentrations of the other five metals were significantly high and represented elevated concentrations above background levels found in the control site. Average top soil metal concentrations (D1) for the study area were 13.7±2.5 mg/kg, 101.6±4.6 mg/kg, 10.3±5.3 mg/kg, 35.5±4.7mg/kg, and 6046±387.7 mg/kg for Zn, Ni, Cr, Cu and Fe respectively. The concentration of Ni was above international limits for residential and agricultural use. The general dispersion of most of the metals in the profile was D2 >D1 >D3. Average levels of accumulation of the metals within the soil profile were 6.87, 8.30, 2.13, 3.26 and 1.30 for Zn, Ni, Cr, Cu, and Fe respectively. This indicates that the pollution of soil in the study area ranges from slight to very severe.  The automobile repair shops represent potential sources of heavy metal pollution to the environment.

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