Non-Formal Education: Major Avenue For Encouraging Children–In– Science And Technology In Nigeria


I. A. Agih

Department of History

Kogi State College of Education, Ankpa

The stage of development of any nation depends to a great extent on the level of resourcefulness of her people, which in turn is a direct reflection of the quality of training and development in education in that society. In Nigerian society, some form of education predated the western formal system of education. In this system of education, unlike the formal system of education that is broad, structured and classroom based, the training of the young ones was based on the apprenticeship, one to one and the emphasis was principally to meet the needs of the immediate society. The society has long realized that the non-formal system of education is still relevant as a means of transition phase to modern technology and for over all sustainable economic development in the 21st century Nigeria. Since our main concern is with the encouragement of children in science and technology education from within using non-formal education system, the article intends at stimulating the process through the merging of non-formal education with academic qualification. This is crucial in paving way for improvement and efficiency in science and technology institutions in Nigeria.    

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