1 Joshua Olorundare

2 Ann Olorundare


1 Department of Geography

Kogi State College of Education, Ankpa

2 Department of French

Kogi State College of Education, Ankpa

The study on Public perception of alternative water supply in Makurdi metropolis was based on a pool of opinions in some selected areas of Makurdi town. It was observed that public water supply had failed to meet the need for water in the town, and a large number of households have turned to alternative water supply. The work set out to find out the number of people involved in these alternative water sources, the availability of these alternative water sources and how accessible they are for the people. The survey design was used and four hundred households were sampled with structured questionnaires which were distributed in the study area. The information gathered from the questionnaire was analyzed with statistical table and regression analysis. It was discovered that the alternative sources available are highly accessible as revealed by the regression analysis used. It was also discovered that the alternative sources are not effective based on the same test. It was recommended that both government and private sectors should be involved in standardizing and developing this available alternative to the required standard for water supply policy. It was also suggested that a policy stating required standard for these alternatives should be enacted by the government to regulate and control their establishment.

Keywords: public perception, alternative water supply, availability, accessibility and effectiveness of the alternative sources of water supply.

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